New Microphone?

2012-10-06 23:41:35 by Shishiza

So I've been contemplating on getting a new microphone. I understand that voice acting isn't all in the microphone, but it certainly does help (especially since I went from using a USB headset, to a microphone stand, to a shitty webcam microphone).

So, here is my plan: I want to go with the MXL 990 USB Powered Condenser Microphone. I'm not too microphone savvy, but it's compatible with a computer and has nice reviews.

I'm not certain if I want to go through with it yet, but I also need to know if I should get a program to record with as well. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to tell me.

New Microphone?


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2012-10-07 18:59:23

Would say the audio technica AT2020 USB is a better choice, and cheaper
But it depends on the voice

non-usb is real way to go, but would kill the wallet more

Shishiza responds:

With car payments, bills, and the possibility of moving, I have to try and go cheap.

Also do you have a link for that specific microphone? I'd love to get some more information on it!